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In August of 2019, the state of Oregon joined the list of new lands of opportunity. Sports betting was legalized, and with that comes the chance for the state to take in vastly more revenue as a result. Now to be specific, Oregon has not gone all-in with sports gambling just yet. But at least they have started. While the initial rollout had a few hiccups, the state has smoothed those problems out. The Oregon Lottery manages sports gambling in the state of Oregon.

You can bet in person at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort, a tribal-owned casino located along the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Lottery operates an app which is named Scoreboard. Oregon is the first state on the West Coast to utilize online and mobile sports betting. You must be 21 years old to bet on sports in the state of Oregon. Chinook Winds is the only current brick-and-mortar sportsbook in the state of Oregon. Although Chinook Winds is the only recent in-person sportsbook at this time, that status could eventually change as other tribal casinos may follow suit. Those would be Indian Head Casino in Warm Springs, Kia Mo Ya Casino in Chiloquin, Old Camp Casino in Burns, Seven Feathers Hotel & Casino Resort in Canyonville, Spirit Mountain Casino in Grand Ronde, Three Rivers Casino in Florence, Three Rivers Casino in Coos Bay, and Wildhorse Resort & Casino in Pendleton.

One important distinction that separates Oregon from other states that allow for sports gambling is that Oregon does NOT allow any sports wagering on college games. That includes the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (AKA “March Madness”). Further, this law means that only professional sports are available to bet on in the state of Oregon. Along with the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB are wagering opportunities for Australian rules football, cricket, cycling, darts, golf, MLS and NWSL soccer, mixed martial arts, WNBA, auto racing, rugby, snooker, and tennis. You can bet on single-game wagers and parlays, along with in-game wagering. Scoreboard also offers cash-out options for gamblers who want to receive early payouts or cut their losses during a losing streak.

Oregon Online Sportsbooks

Oregon Sports Betting News

On February 26, 2021, it was announced the DraftKings would be taking over from Scoreboard to power the sports betting app in the state of Oregon. The state preferred Draft Kings because of its powerful brand name and vast experience in powering sports betting apps. In an interesting sidenote, DraftKings said that they would operate the app from the same SBTech platform currently in use.

One problem mentioned in the news announcement is that the state of Oregon is underperforming other states when it comes to sports betting. The main reason is that Oregon has a sports betting monopoly with nothing in the way of competition. An embarrassing example is that the state of New Hampshire outperformed the state of Oregon by far in betting revenue generated, despite having a population of 1.2 million compared to Oregon at 4.2 million residents. Without competition, gamblers get the equivalent of a state-controlled economy with all of its inefficiencies and lack of incentives.

The good news is that Oregon Governor Kate Brown is backing a bill that will open things up to competitors in the state of Oregon. The January 2021 announcement offers the hope that Oregon sports betting will completely change if the law passes. The lack of the choices provided to Oregon residents has proven to be a drag on revenue and growth potential for sports betting. The bill also includes a provision that will open up gambling on college sports. Considering the passion for the Oregon Ducks, this could prove to be a boon for Oregon sports gambling.

Oregon Mobile Sports Betting and Apps

Scoreboard can only be used for gambling within the state lines of Oregon. You can register for the Scoreboard app via that app or on a desktop computer. Scoreboard is used to allow for sports betting within state lines only but not on tribal lands. Scoreboard is available at the Apple App store as well as the Oregon Lottery site. You can also get the desktop version from the Oregon Lottery.

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