Beginner’s Top 10 List for Sports Betting Success

What is so frustrating about beginners at sports gambling is that most of the common mistakes that they make are avoidable. By following our top ten list for new sports gamblers you can quickly set yourself apart as successful from the start.

1. Develop Reliable Sources of Information

We live in the information age. The irony of it all is that with so much available information much of it is useless or bad. As you begin your sports gambling journey be careful about what you use for information and how much stock you put into it. There are some good online guides for the best sports and handicapping information sites. Invest the time to find them.

2. Don’t Binge While on a Winning Streak

“Let the Good Times Roll” is certainly an understandable emotion. And when you are winning big on a sports betting streak that is often then impulse. But this is where contrarian thinking can come into play and good use. Instead of binge betting off a winning streak, take most of your winnings and sock them away. Preserve those profits for lean times when you can’t buy a break. Winning is hard and should not be taken lightly. Protect what is yours instead of stupidly handing it back to the sportsbook.

3. Don’t Chase Losses

One of the worst and most common mistakes of both beginners and veteran gamblers is to go on tilt. This is where reason is hijacked by emotion. Beginning players are often earnest but misguided with double up on bets after a loss thinking that their luck has to change. By contrast more experienced players may blow a gasket after a bad beat and try and get even out of rage. Either way these are poor decisions that often create a negative karma that can quickly wipe out a bankroll.

4. Be Selective

The old adage from poker applies to sports gambling. The less bets that you make the more that you will win. There is no need to bet every game on the board or to have action on a game just because its on TV. The best beginning gamblers will use a process of elimination instead of one based on multiplication of games.

5. Be Measured and Thorough

Just because a team came off a great win or bad loss does not mean that will happen in their following matchup. Think of the many times a team comes off a win or loss for the ages only to come back in their next game with an opposite type of result. Avoid getting caught up in the short term and emotions that come with that.

6. Think Big Picture on Teams

The NFL season is a long 16-game and four-month grind. Teams will go up and down each week. What looks like a champion in September can often be in last place by December. Think long term in the case of any team. Learn how to accurately assess their actual abilities, merits, and wagering value. In the NBA, NHL, or Major League Baseball this becomes even more important to do based on the much longer seasons.

7. Avoid Needless Complications

There is no greater mistake a beginner can make than to over-analyze a game. Stick to the basics if for no other reason than to keep a clear head. Complicated formulas or systems will serve as heavy baggage for your mind and force bad decisions. Strive to maintain your clarity.

8. Learn to Really Read the Line

Constantly read and study the betting odds. What you see is more than a price on a game. Dig deeper and ask why the line is set at the price that it is. Ask yourself if you are surprised at the odds and if so, why that is. Probe and determine the factors that went into the line that you see. Know that there is much more to the odds than face value.

9. Keep a Log and Review It

One of the best tools for a beginning gambler is a log of their bets. Review it frequently. When entering the log write down the reason for your bet. Over time this will help you eliminate repeat mistakes.

10. Be Yourself

There is no conventional wisdom or guaranteed path to success. Bet your way and style based on your own research and learning. The less you follow the crowd the better that you will do. Just do it all responsibly.

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